Daily Enjoyment of Christ

Hello Fellow Crazy Lovers of Jesus!

Just here to share a little enjoyment from my morning time with the Lord from the book of Hosea, which was quite wonderful.

“And I will betroth you to Myself forever; indeed I will betroth you to Myself in righteousness and justice and in lovingkindness and compassions; indeed I will betroth you to Myself in faithfulness, and you will know Jehovah” (2:19-20)

When people come to the minor prophets, they typically see them as books of how God wants to judge everyone and destroy them, but here we see something different, something sweeter. When we come to this verse in Hosea, we can see that God’s true intention is to have an organic union with His chosen people, like the union of Adam with Eve! His desire has always been one of having a counterpart who matches Him, which is why there are also utterances like “Christ and the church” paralleled with a husband and wife in Ephesians chapter 5 and “the Spirit and the bride” in Revelation chapter 22. It is for this reason, for the sake of having a bride that is one with Him, that God has cleansed the believers with Christ’s blood and has given them His own life and nature (John 1:12-13; 2 Peter 1:4).

However, my main point (:D) is actually the Lord’s speaking in Hosea concerning us! Often times, we have many spiritual failures in a single day. This includes losing our temper or our patience, or failing to share the gospel with someone when we know that the Lord is moving within us to say something. After so many we just want to give up, yet the divine utterance in the Bible is always an encouragement to us. Notice the three-fold statement “I will betroth you to Myself” and notice the two-fold “indeed”! God is set on making us one with Him in every way and He is the one who will carry out. Thus, we should get our eyes off of ourselves and put them back on our lovely Bridegroom! He will work on us and in us until we become His satisfaction and delight in full!

By the way, if the thought of eating this whole thing scares you, welcome to the club! Yesterday, I ate crab just like this…that’s right, just like this. Let me just confess that there’s a lot more things inside of a crab than I really wanted to know, but with a little melted butter and a whole lot of closing of the eyes I survived! But I realized something: if I was in the jungle and I needed to hunt to survive, I would die, end of story. Praise the Lord I live in the city 😛

Grace be with you from Christians on Campus at UC Berkeley 😀

About A Crazy Lover of Jesus

I am a lover of Christ Jesus my Lord, and I desire to speak one with Him in every matter that is pleasing in His sight. May He gain the first place in my being in all matters and things for the sake of His corporate expression, the Body of Christ!

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