Subjective Salvation By “Receiving”!

Hello Fellow Crazy Lovers of Jesus! 😀

So last night’s small group meeting was AMAZING!!! Recently, we have been reading a popular Christian book The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee, and I can testify that this book has been more than helpful in every way. We were reading some exposition on verses in Romans 5 which corresponded very much with my own Christian experience this past week. These two verses correspond to what I realized this week: 1. It’s not a matter of what you do, per say, but of who you are, and 2. The way to be saved from expressing our inherited nature from Adam is by constantly “receiving”.


“For just as through the disobedience of one man the many were constituted sinners, so also through the obedience of the One the many will be constituted righteous.” (v. 19)
“For if by the offense of the one death reigned through the one, much more those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” (v.17)

Our Heritage from Adam

With the first point, I was helped to see from the reading that everyone is born into Adam by default, meaning that everything he was constituted with, we, who come out of him, are also constituted with just by factor of being born a human being. God’s intention in the garden of Eden back in Genesis chapter 2 was that Adam would partake of the tree of life, which symbolizes taking Christ who is the embodiment of life as our source (John 15:1; 1:4; 6:57; 15:4). Instead, however, Adam partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which signified taking a source other than God Himself, Satan’s sinful nature. The result of this was not just that Adam “did” something wrong, but rather, because he took in another source, Adam “became” something. Romans 5:19 shows that because of this act of disobedience, Adam and everyone who comes out of him (that’s all of us) were “constituted” sinners, which means that our nature is wrapped up with sin. Therefore, whether we do or do not do, it does not change what we are by nature. However, God has fixed this problem, and is working out this salvation in us day by day through our dear Lord Jesus Christ! 🙂

Our Heritage in Christ

Adam’s act of disobedience caused everyone in the human race to be sinners, yet Christ’s act of obedience brought in the way for us fallen, sinful people to be constituted righteous by nature! On the cross, Christ not only dealt with all of the manifestations of our sinful nature, sins, but in resurrection He is causing all of His people to be constituted righteous! It is not a matter of what we try to be in our behavior, which is nothing but our human effort, but of what Christ is making us intrinsically by daily filling us. This brings me to the second point of my enjoyment: we are able to be saved from expressing our adamic nature by continuously “receiving” the abundance of grace, Christ enjoyed by us through our consistent contact with Him! This is not a matter of will power but of our human will making a simple choice to cooperate with the Lord’s desire to fill us! As we set our will to remain open to the Lord, He has the ground to fill us with Himself, issuing in our expressing Him (reigning in life)  instead of expressing Adam’s nature (v.17). By receiving His dispensing into us as grace His life causes us to not only express Him even in the most uncomfortable situations, but also allows Him to constantly change our nature. Just as a flowing river is able to make wood into petrified wood by replacing its wood nature with the minerals in the water, as we open to Him, Christ’s dispensing is replacing our adamic nature with His own righteous nature! How marvelous!


Without trying, we express Adam because we are constituted sinners by nature. Yet, by setting our will to remain open to receive Christ into us moment by moment, we allow Christ to re-constitute us with Himself and thereby bring forth the expression of God without human effort. It is not a matter of what you do outwardly in God’s eyes, but of who you are inwardly; and the way that we change who we are inwardly is by opening to receive Christ’s dispensing into our mind, emotion, and will, which is to enjoy Him as grace! I can’t wait to see what we read about next week!!

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Grace be with you from Christians on Campus at UC Berkeley 😀

Our destiny in Christ: another nature! (

Our destiny in Christ: from one nature to another! (


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  1. Seeing the matter of constitution is so important. Thank the Lord for Rom 5:19 and for WN’s ministry in NCL. We can receive and get “petrified.”

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