I Love Being in Berkeley!

Hello Fellow Crazy Lovers of Jesus!

I just got back from an awesome conference concerning how to be a normal Christian in this day and age: it was miraculously normal! I enjoyed particularly how as Christians, we must be ones who live a proper and normal human life that is also altogether divine. In Exodus, we have the boards that hold up the Tabernacle, which was the dwelling place of God on the earth at that time. These boards were composed of two things so take a minute and guess what you think those two materials are……Okay! If you guessed silver and ivory you’re absolutely WRONG, but it’s okay because with Christ we always have a second chance 🙂 The two materials, in fact, are acacia wood and gold. It was explained to me that the gold represents God’s own uncreated, divine nature and acacia wood signifies the uplifted humanity of our dear Lord Jesus Christ! Thus, what you have as the support in God’s dwelling place on earth is humanity, but the expression (because the gold overlays the wood) is the expression of all that God is in His divinity. The point is, as Christians, we need to enjoy the Lord at every moment so that we can live normal human lives on the earth who work, go to school, and take care of our finances. Yet, at the same time, we should be different because the source, expression, and the goal of our human lives should be one that declares all that God is. Such a living will be a duplication of Christ’s living on the earth and will give God the way to build up His dwelling place in man! Hallelujah that there can be such an expression of divinity mingled, blended, with humanity on the earth today!!

There was sooooooo much more that helped me a lot, like how we should give the Lord our topmost everything. Practically, this means the topmost in finances (of course), time (morning revival every morning before our day starts), and energy (this was a new one for me and it refers to giving the Lord the time when we are most energetic in the day). I would say more, but I want you to have more time to enjoy Christ as your portion. So instead, I will leave you with pictures of various things for your enjoyment!

As always, Grace be with you from Christians on Campus at UC Berkeley 😀

About A Crazy Lover of Jesus

I am a lover of Christ Jesus my Lord, and I desire to speak one with Him in every matter that is pleasing in His sight. May He gain the first place in my being in all matters and things for the sake of His corporate expression, the Body of Christ!

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