Christians on Campus Welcome Dinner #2

Hello Fellow Crazy Lovers of Jesus!

At the start of a new school semester is the best time to be refreshed in our love for our dear Lord Jesus! We want to give Him the first place in all things by first giving Him all our time, energy, and affection 😀

Tonight was AWESOME!!! I wish I could have posted about the first welcome dinner, but time would not allow sadly. In any case, I really feel like the Lord blessed us tonight with His utterance and His feeling for the believers on the UC Berkeley Campus. I feel like everyone who was there, worshipping and singing their hearts out to God, had the sense that only the Lord Jesus Christ Himself can fully fill all of our needs.

One member of the club spoke a short message about the miracle in John 2, that of  turning water into wine, likening it to human beings attempting to be satisfied completely with something other than Christ Himself. His speaking was primarily concerning academic and social entertainment as the most common things that we attempt to satisfy ourselves with apart from Christ. Often times we have the thought that if only we could be #1 or if we could get that job position THEN we will be completely satisfied. However, this is like filling ourselves with the water instead of the wine that we were initially supposed to be filled.

He clarified that we must be those who make the most out of our time here at Cal, having the testimony that Christians are hard workers in every area of life. As such, we should give ourselves to excel academically and socially, yet, we cannot be those who draw our satisfaction from these things. As believers, we must learn how to bring the Lord into everything that we are doing so that we can enjoy Him as our supply! When we learn how to bring the Lord into all these matters, He has the way to turn our situations into one of satisfaction, that is, He is able to fill it with Himself as the “better wine!” This is marvelous!

As a side note, I was privileged with the opportunity to MC with one of the other members of the club: it’s nothing like learning how to depend on the Lord for even your very next word! Oh Lord, keep me speaking one with You!

  (a little bit of Costco to meet the need of hungry college students)

Grace be with you from Christians on Campus at UC Berkeley 😀

About A Crazy Lover of Jesus

I am a lover of Christ Jesus my Lord, and I desire to speak one with Him in every matter that is pleasing in His sight. May He gain the first place in my being in all matters and things for the sake of His corporate expression, the Body of Christ!

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